Hairbraiding Workshop

We will be hosting a French Braiding workshop at the studio on Saturday April 28th at 1:30pm. This is the perfect opportunity to come and learn how to French Braid for a minimal cost of $5. Please know ALL female dancers require their hair to be in French Braids for the end of year recitals. Please contact the office to reserve your spot.


All registrations for the 2018-2019 dance year will be held at the studio. 

Registration will be on Monday April 30th.

Current Students (&Siblings) from 5:30-7:00pm

New Students from 7:00-8:30pm.

Please contact the office for all questions, comments or inquiries :) 

Costume Photo Week

Come take photos of your child in their recital costume during regular class time. :)

Studio B&C will be from Saturday May 5th until Friday May 11th.
Studio A will be from Saturday May 12th until Friday May 18th.

Please note there is NO photo class for: stretch, acro stretch, unset, pointe, step, DT and inter ballet class. 

See you there :)




This imagination filled class is designed for the little ones who want to dance, tumble, move and learn some songs! There are no exams offered for this class, but they will be in the Junior Recital!


This class combines several styles of dance with fun music and basic techniques. There are no exams offered for this class, but they will be in the Junior Recital!

Pre-Primary Ballet/Acro

These classes are an imaginative mixture of dance steps from two genres. At this level they use their imagination in many of the exercises while working on technique. This class will be in the Junior Recital. Requires only one pair of shoes.

Pre-Primary Jazz/Tap

These classes are an imaginative mixture of dance steps from two genres. At this level they use their imagination in many of the exercises while working on technique. This class will participate in the Junior Recital. Requires only one pair of shoes.



These classes are a blend of ISTD modern exercises and jazz to maximize learning of style, lines, and flexibility.


These ballet classes are great for teaching and training ballet technique for fun or for professional futures. After Ballet 3 students need to be training twice a week for strength and endurance building for pointe. After Intermediate Foundation I.S.T.D. exams are offered.



From Primary onwards, the ISTD offers stylized and challenging rhythms, different types of music and lots of fun!



Acro (acrobatics) is a combination of gymnastic type movements with music and dance vocabulary. After Primary Acro, levels are based on flexibility and strength and you will be placed at the teachers recommendation. 



At Jazz 4, we offer ISTD Modern exams. These classes are to be combined with the Unset courses, in order to cover the unset steps as well as the syllabus. 

Hip Hop


This fun and current dance style is high energy! Dancers above the age of 9 who attend 2 technical classes may take this course. 





Pointe class is for all ballet dancers on pointe in Ballet 6 and up. This is a class designed to help the dancers progress faster and encourage technique. A dancer must be in 2 ballet classes and have their teacher’s recommendation to take pointe. There will be no recital number for this class.

Stretch and Conditioning


This class is designed to increase flexibility and strength. It is not for the faint of heart! There will be no recital dance for these classes. This class is recommended for all dancers in a 4 level class or higher. Students really enjoy this class as there is no pressure of an exam and they will notice huge personal improvements. The results from this class are valuable and visibly affect all of their other technical classes. 

Boys Club


This class is designed for boys of all ages. Boys do well with a challenge and this mixed aged class will not disappoint! In this class they will practice and play with hip hop, jumps, movement and some technique. This class will definitely be full of energy! Boys must be registered for one other class at the studio to join Boys Club.

Acro Stretch


This is a highly beneficial class helping students achieve the flexibility required to properly execute acro tricks. It mainly focuses on the flexibility of their hamstrings, shoulders and hip flexors. We work on their balancing skills, inversion and strength ability. Students really enjoy this class as they will notice huge personal improvements in their acro class.


Unset Modern


This class will further develop the technique required for Modern and Jazz exams. It also imporves the dancers ability to quickly compose rhythms and make up combinations or improvise, as will be required of them in their exams. This class also contains leaps and turns and other vocabulary steps to add to their repertoire of dance steps. Unset is designed to work hand in hand with their regular jazz class.



This class is intended for all students who think that they may pursue a career in dance or school teaching. During this time we will learn and dissect various syllabi from Primary through Intermediate in Ballet, Tap and Modern and discuss key concepts and build-ups throughout the grades.  Also, students in the STEP program will be required to assist another forty-five minute class.  The fee for the STEP program (1 STEP class + 1 class of assisting per week), counts as 30 minutes. Students will be assigned to the class they will be assisting. The class which they are assisting may be of any discipline.

Leaps & Turns

This class is designed to improve all leaps and turns both in and out of the jazz curriculum. Must be taken with a jazz class. This class will expose dancers to fun and exciting jumps and turns while helping them progress at a faster rate.


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Dance Theatre

Dance Theatre

Dance Theatre offers a lot of opportunities for students to perform. We prepare shows at Christmas time and in June, in a variety of settings. We host workshops in different types of dance, and we attend professional performances. We accept students who study ballet and jazz. (Tap and Acro are optional). Students must have prior dance experience. They must have been dancing with our school for a minimum of 1 year, be at least seven years old and have shown dedication in their attendance and attitude. Most importantly, we are aiming to develop team spirit and hope that children will also form long lasting friendships within the group. Dance Theatre gives students the opportunity to perform and work as a group.


Welcome to Inspire Dance Arts. We have been in operation for over 26 years. We are a non-competitive I.S.T.D. (Imperial Society Of Teachers Of Dancing) studio. The purpose of this school is to provide enjoyable as well as technical dance classes for children of all ages. Our goal is to teach the love of dance while still furthering technique. We aim to cater to the child who wishes to do one class per week for fun, right up to those who eventually may make a career out of their dancing. Whether your child is dancing to improve mental discipline, for exercise, to improve posture and co-ordination, or for the refinement of grace and dance skills, Inspire Dance Arts is the place for your child.


Please know that we dance all long weekends and holiday Mondays.

January Start: January 8th.

Winter Observation: *February 6th-26th

Easter Break: *March 25th

Return from Break: *April 2nd

Last Day of Classes: July 1st

*Dates Subject to Change.



This was filmed and produced by Brittany Fong and Anup Dhaliwal from Mount Royal University. Thanks to the Calgary Journal for making this video possible.


Alaina Nordal F.I.S.T.D.  B.A.

I always knew I wanted to work with kids and I have always loved dance! What a blessing to be able to combine the two.

I started dancing when I was 12 years old and began student teaching a couple years later and the journey just keeps on going. I have taken many courses overseas and locally to continue to further my dance education. I hold teaching degrees in Modern, Ballet and Tap as well as Advanced levels. I love helping all aspiring dancers reach their untapped potential. In 1990 Kate's Dance Academy was founded on teaching the love of dance and I know that Inspire Dance Arts carries that on! 




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